Sunday, June 23, 2013

I ran to Rite Aid- aka drugstore haul time!

I ran out to Rite Aid on this sleepy little Sunday afternoon with a couple items in mind.  I needed a new tube of mascara (totally out), a new regimen to try to tackle my insanely knotted hair, and I was on the hunt for the Sally Hansen kit Kandee Johnson used in a tutorial about lightening your brows. 
As you can see, I found everything I was looking for, plus one extra!  I think this is a good haul because I basically bought exactly what I needed, and only got sidetracked by one item.
My holy grail mascara that I repurchase regularly is the L'Oreal Telescopic Carbon Mascara.  I have been using it for over a year, and nothing has come between us.  However lately I have been curious about the new Maybelline Pocket Rocket Mascara, and it was $2 off at Rite Aid, making it about half the price of my cherished Telescopic.  So, I went for it because I'd wanted to try it and it was the cheaper option.  I picked it up in Brownish Black in the waterproof formula.

Also for eyes, I picked up the L'Oreal Colour Riche by Pencil Perfect Wood Pencil Eyeliner in Black Brown.  I had seen this advertised but had not found it in stores until today.  L'Oreal liners have historically worked very well for me, and I don't own any wood pencil liners, so the concept intrigued me.  In the launch they also have a beautiful royal blue and a white, in addition to the expected shades.  Can't wait to try this baby!  I did also see the Maybelline Loose Pigments for the first time, but I reigned myself in.  I think I will get more use out of the Pencil Perfect liner than the loose pigments, so I chose wisely.
These two are more of a forced chore, but it has to be done.  I'm still recovering from my head injury and I have not been very vigilant with regards to getting all of the knots out.  To be truthful I am never a big fan of intensive brushing, and can commonly be found to have a snarl somewhere in the back, but this is beyond the realm of acceptable.  I look like I was dragged through a hedge backwards; I have several huge dreadlocks floating around back there.  I've already tried two different detanglers (one from Pantene, one from L'Anza) and neither one has solved the problem.  I'm hoping this L'Oreal Kids Tangle Tamer will do the trick.  I could be wrong, but I think this was actually around when I was a kid!  I seem to remember the bottle and the pear scent, in any case.

I've decimated my Wet Brush in my quest to conquer the knottage (word?), and it is now in the garbage.  I really need to repurchase the Tangle Teezer (if any brush is going to save this ship, it's that one) but no one near me sells it and I can't drive long distances yet.  The Conair Colorvibes Everday Styles brush says it is designed for thick hair, so here's to hoping.  It also came with a few free hair ties which was nice; my cat will likely steal them away but it's always good to have some extras.  I may just have to cut my hair off but this is a last ditch attempt before going that route.  If you have any other recommendations, don't be shy to say, I'm desperate!
Pretty much any MUA you speak with will emphasize the importance of eyebrows.  I've experimented with my brows over the years and have never found that elusive, made-for-my-face formula.  Plucking, waxing, scissoring...You name it, how to shape and style them still is a total mystery to me.  I've never tried lightening them, however, and I just watched an amazing tutorial by Kandee Johnson using this Sally Hansen Crème Hair Bleach kit.  She definitely inspired me!  I'll let you know it goes when I try, here's to hoping it's what I've been after.
That's everything I picked up; mostly essentials, plus an eyeliner.  Not too naughty at all.  When I got home Pretty Kitty had wrecked her box and was glaring at me balefully; she's gotten a bit spoiled having me home this much.  Any fellow animal lovers out there?  What have you tried recently from the drugstore?  Anything here you would like a review of?  ♡ Teresa

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alterna Caviar CC Cream 10-in-1 Complete Correction- Does this product work??

A nice CC Cream we can all support.  But what if it's not for your face- it's designed for...your hair?  So says Alterna, a high end hair brand that I absolutely adore.  I love my BB Creams and CC Creams, but making such a product for hair seemed completely alien to me.  Of course, the minute they mentioned caviar I had to give it a second look.  I have tried some of their caviar-based products in the past and been quite impressed, so this was on my radar!
I decided to try it, equal parts curiosity, admiration for how fabulous Katie Holmes' hair looks in the promo pics, and it also did not hurt that I had a credit enough to cover it at Sephora.  Side note, Katie Holmes is a partial owner of the Alterna line.  Her hair really does always look gorgeous; usually I am skeptical of celeb faces for products but in this case it worked.  I made the plunge!  And after using this for the past two weeks, I am thrilled to say I really do love it! 
The packaging is solid, not too big, and contains a list of the ten ways this CC Cream will improve your hair.  Of note, Alterna recommends using it on clean, towel-dried hair.  So it seems like all of your necessary steps are combined into one and then some, going by the claims on the back!  Now, I do not think you will find this to do all ten of the steps it claims to; however, it does deliver on most of the promises and I am very pleased with it.  It does help make hair more manageable, it definitely adds fantastic shine.  Hair is smoothed overall, this seems to tame the more unruly waves I have going on.  I will say that the CC Cream does fall a little short on the frizz-control front, but to be fair, I have a lot of breakage which the humidity is not helping with, so if you have average frizz or live in a less humid climate, it probably would get the job done for you.  It does help a lot with my frazzled strands, but it does not completely solve the problem.  It leaves my hair feeling "fuller," somehow!  Oh and it smells like oranges, which I like.
I am also thrilled this has a pump!  I feel like it gives me more control about how much product I want to use.  The pump dispenses just a little product, which means you won't waste any.  As you can see the consistency is in between white and clear.  Texture is on the lighter side, not too heavy feeling.  It was trial and error in figuring out how much to use, the product does not have any advise about that.  It's not at all a heavy cream, so I have not overdone it yet.  I have quite long hair and I use between four and five small pumps.  Shorter hair obviously would not need this much.  It disperses well into your hair, no clumps or uneven application problems here. 

I do worry about how fast I will go through the bottle though, based on how much I need to use. Are you trying this product out or thinking about doing so?  Leave your thoughts in the comments, I love to hear from other beauty junkies!  ♡ Teresa

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Missha Semi-Annual Sale!

I simply adore Missha BB Creams, and I was thrilled when they launched their US site.  I used to order off of Amazon, but I immediately switched to the company's site when it became available.  I'm just about out of another bottle of my beloved Cho Bo Yang BB Cream which I have raved about many times and shown in several Empties videos.  The company's shipping is somewhat slow, so I prefer to order a replacement before I run out completely.  Today I went on their website and was pleasantly surprised to see they have an upcoming sale! 
I have tried many of the Missha BB Creams and they are my favorite out of all the ones I have tried.  If you have been wondering about the best true BB Cream to try, I would recommend skipping the American attempts (some of which I do like, but they are not able to compare to a true BB Cream which has skin care benefits, SPF and coverage) and going to an Asian line for the real deal. 

I've been buying Missha BB Creams for almost two years.  I love their high quality options, plus they are very good to customers.  They often include samples and offer amazing discounts throughout the year.

Have you tried any of the other cosmetics from Missha?  I've been looking at them for some time now...hmm.. ...thinking I may pick out one of their blushes during the sale!  Their eyeshadow palettes look so pretty as do their lipsticks.  Any recommendations? 

No affiliation, by the way.  Just a big fan.  ♡ Teresa

My top beauty favorite for May- Laura Mercier Ritual!

I'm become somewhat reserved about high end make-up.  I've experimented enough over the past few years to see that drugstore is often just as good, sometimes even better.  As much as I drool over the latest high end offerings, I try to reign myself in.

Until, that is, Laura Mercier launched her Baked Blush Bronze Compact in Ritual, a stunning pink-bronze baked and swirled concoction that doubles (as the name suggests) as both your bronzer and blush.  I would even add in that it serves as your highlight, with the beautiful almost magic glow it adds to the face.  For my purposes, I got three products in one, making it worth every penny.  Of course, I picked Ritual up with my VIB renewal coupon which always helps.

On my fair skin, I was afraid this would come off as muddy or too glittery.  I also was scared (after my experience with MAC's mineralize skin finish in Candlelight) that the texture would be rough and possibly place emphasis on my pores.  Fortunately none of my fears were realized!  I have been wearing this constantly, and it is amazing in every regard.  I have not found any flaw with it. 

I apply it with my EcoTools Blush for (you guessed it) my blush.  The pink swirls running through it are perfect for this purpose, although it does not at all look "pink" on the cheeks- the pink serves to soften it from only working as a bronzer. Due to its bronze tones, I don't need to add a bronzer underneath.  Thanks to its magnificent glowiness, I don't even need a highlight!  This saves me time, and makes the price quite worthwhile. 

This was the only product really making me go ga-ga in the month of May, and my love for it is going strong in June!  Ritual is the kind of beauty product I adore, because when I apply it, it melts seamlessly into my skin.  When I wear it people compliment me on my appearance but not on my make-up.  It's very natural while still really adding that special something.  Now, let's go to the photographs!
Typical Laura Mercier packing, nothing too flashy.  It is very sturdy, which I like.  Also somewhat bulky, and does collect fingerprints quickly.  However as long as it protects the product, I'm fine with that.
Because this is a baked product, each one will be slightly different.  I ordered online, and I was happy to receive one with more pink in it than some of the ones I had seen on blogs.
So, so gorgeous in the pan- and even better on the face!

I swatched Ritual lighter on the left, two times on the right.  It is pigmented, but it is not over-the-top, watch-your-application pigmented.  On fairer skins like mine you may need to be careful but medium and deeper skin tones should be good to go, and may even need to layer depending on the effect you want.

For me, I would not use this as a bronzer.  I only use it on the cheeks to get that "lit from within" look.  I think it would be hard to contour with Ritual, because it does contain shimmer and is quite warm-toned.  I prefer a matte, cooler toned look for contouring but this preference will vary by individual!

This product is limited edition, and I have debated purchasing a back up but I think this one will last for a long time.  I definitely suggest swinging by Sephora or a Nordstrom counter to check it out!  If you have picked it up, let me know if you love it as much as I do. ♡ Teresa

Friday, April 19, 2013

Be back in a bit~MISS YOU :)

Hey girls, I haven't been posting on here or uploading anything on my youtube channel in a while now. I hope to be back soon but for now I am doing my best to bounce back from a concussion. My recovery has been complicated by post-concussive syndrome. I think I'll be back around in May, or maybe even by the end of April if I'm lucky! Thanks for being here, take care xoxo.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Every spring, Maybelline launches a limited edition Fashion Week collection. Usually I don't get too excited about this launch, but this year Maybelline changed up the game. Check out this display and tell me what catches your eye!
Yup, limited edition Vivid Lipsticks and High Shine Glosses! As well as some pretty blushes, quads, eyeliners, and polishes, Maybelline really did it right. I know a lot of people will be after the blushes and the eyeshadow quads, but I personally just wanted the glosses, so the glosses were what I got.
Limited edition Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Glosses, from left to right, Mirrored Plum, Riveting Rose, Fiercely Fuschia, Striking Peach, Punch of Pink, Knockout Pearl

ColorSensational Glosses are my absolute favorite formula. The ones I have from the permanent line have been a cornerstone of my make-up collection since they launched in the fall. I cannot wait to test these out; I will post a video on my youtube channel once I have given them a whirl! In the meantime, here are some swatches as well as a cameo from my Maine Coon.
Top row, left to right: Knockout Pearl, Striking Peach, Punch of Pink
Bottom row, left to right: Riveting Rose, Fiercely Fuschia, Mirrored Plum

This week at CVS, if you spend $10 on Maybelline, you'll earn $3 Extrabucks on your next purchase. Besides CVS, I haven't seen the full collection anywhere else, but if you have please comment down below to help out other beauty buffs on their hunt!